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Please send to:
Illinois CRNA PAC
100 East Washington St.
Springfield, IL  62701
or email to or fax to 217-528-6545
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  • IANA PAC is a Separate fund, NOT YOUR DUES! 100% from CRNA voluntary contributions,
  • Ensures CRNAs have access to Illinois General Assembly, where our issues are decided
  • Non-partisan
  • Always working for the profession of Nurse Anesthetist
  • State PAC is separate from the AANA CRNA-PAC
  • AANA CRNA-PAC is used for Federal Congressional House and Senate in Washington D.C.
  • State PAC funds can't be disbursed to Federal representatives and AANA PAC funds can't be given to State representatives

How Does CRNA-PAC Help?

  • Build relationships with policymakers
  • Provide bi-partisan support to CRNA-friendly candidates
  • Legislators influential on healthcare policy
  • Ensure CRNAs voice is heard
  • Demonstrates strength and solidarity
  • Accountable to IANA members through IANA CRNA PAC Committee

Who Do We Support?

  • Re-elect campaigns of incumbent members of the House and Senate in Illinois General Assembly
  • Open seat and challenger candidates for Illinois General Assembly

What is the IL CRNA-PAC Disbursement Process?

  • IANA Government Relations & PAC committees work with IANA lobbyist to identify which candidates supports CRNA practice

2019 IANA Legislative Priorities

Removal of Language that Requires Physicians to Remain Physically Present During the Delivery of Anesthesia Services

The current statue language of "Physician Presence" for CRNAs is outdated and does not reflect current practice. Updating the language in the Nurse Practice Act reflects the modern training and practice of CRNA's.   
The language of Physician Presence gives the perception to facilities and surgeons of liability when working with CRNAs.  Rural hospitals have difficulty recruiting surgeons as they believe they are liable for CRNA practice based upon this language.    Case law proves this untrue as there is no difference in liability for a surgeon whether a CRNA or Physician Anesthesiologist is administering the anesthetic. Updating and removing this language enhances the surgical team by adding clarity. Throughout rural Illinois there would be no access to anesthesia care without CRNAs. Changing the current language would help increase access to healthcare for Illinois citizens and would also improve healthcare efficiency in the state of Illinois by reducing wait times.

Introduce Legislation that Identifies CRNAs as a “licensed practitioner” Under 32 Ill. Adm. Code 401. 

Under current Illinois law, CRNAs are not recognized as a "licensed practitioner" and therefore cannot direct an accredited medical radiographer to operate a fluoroscope. The IANA seeks to change that language.
Current state laws does not allow CRNAs to supervise fluoroscopy. Minnesota and Iowa are neighboring states that allow CRNAs to perform and supervise fluoroscopy.  

Removal of Dental Permit A & B when Anesthesia is Provided by a CRNA

Currently, a treating dentist does not need to hold Permit A for moderate sedation or Permit B to perform deep sedation and general anesthesia if another dentist who holds Permit A or Permit B or a Physician assists by administering moderate, deep sedation or general anesthesia. IANA seeks to remove the language that requires dentists to have a Permit A or Permit B when working with a CRNA.  CRNAs have a proven track record of safety and this language prevents CRNAs from providing anesthesia services in dental offices for children and patients with special needs.

Oppose the New Licensure Category for Anesthesiologists Assistants

IANA will continue to oppose the licensure of Anesthesiologist Assistants in Illinois.  The ISA continues to push the agenda of an unproven provider that fails to increase access to care in Illinois.  Physician anesthesiologist are the only medical specialty that continually look to other healthcare providers to do all the work for them. AA's have limited utility and can only function in practices where they do the work for physician anesthesiologist.  CRNAs on the other hand practice independent of physician anesthesiologist throughout the major metropolitan areas as well as in rural areas. If not for CRNAs in rural Illinois; there would be NO surgical services, NO pain management and the hospital and citizens of Illinois would suffer.  
2019 IL CRNA PAC Supporters

Thank you to our wonderful IL CRNA PAC Supporters from 2018! 

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Adam Schneider 
 Christine Salvator (top contributor at $2800)
Daniel Paulsen
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Julia Feczko
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