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 is the illusion that it has taken place.
George Bernard Shaw

 Point of Contact (POC) Program


The Illinois Association of Nurse Anesthetists has had concerns for some time that we are not in full contact with all CRNAs practicing in Illinois.  While we send out emails to all members of the IANA, we know there are some practitioners that are not members and we do not reach them.  More so, we understand the exhaustion of receiving bulk emails and worry useful information may be missed due to our tendency to “auto-delete” them.  To address these concerns, the IANA has initiated the Point of Contact (POC) Program

Our Mission:

To establish and maintain contact with CRNAs throughout Illinois to inform members of the activities and business of the IANA and to gain knowledge regarding CRNA practice in Illinois by way of “phone-tree” type inter-member communications.


The goal of this program is to truly be in touch will all CRNAs practicing in Illinois in order to circulate useful organizational information, such as updates on the activities of the IANA, educational opportunities from the IANA, as well as provide legislative updates. 
  • The aim of the program is to recruit one CRNA from every IL facility and/or anesthesia group that employs CRNAs
  • That CRNA volunteer will be the “point of contact” (the POC) and will act as an essential connection between the IANA and their CRNA group, passing on information to the group and returning feedback to the IANA
    • POCs will receive a distinctive badge ribbon when attending IANA meetings
    • POCs are eligible for drawings for free IANA meetings
  • The IANA will email the POC 3-4 times/year and asks that the POC shares the information with their CRNA group
This program will not be utilized as a means to distribute advertisements or solicit monetary contributions.  Our main purpose is to disseminate valuable information to CRNAs practicing in Illinois, and to hear from you regarding local issues that need attention.  When fully implemented, the IANA intends to reach their members more effectively and better understand how CRNAs practice in our state.
Please share this with your CRNA group and discuss who might like to serve as your POC.  Contact the IANA at with any questions or concerns and to provide the name and email address of your POC.
Thank you for your consideration.  Your contribution to this endeavor is greatly appreciated.
The POC Committee,
Jennifer Greenwood, CRNA, PhD
Karen Kapanke, CRNA, MS
Susan Krawczyk, CRNA, DNP



IANA POCs: CRNAs Keeping CRNAs Informed


Point of Contact (POC) Guidelines

1.  This is a voluntary role. 

  • There is no monetary compensation provided.
  • You may report your role as POC for the IANA as involvement with your professional organization on your resume or CV.  I.e.” Volunteer for State Organization’s Point Of Contact Program” 

2.   You are asked to provide the POC Committee with your personal email

  • Your contact information will not be shared or published by the POC Committee.
  • Please notify the POC Committee of any change of contact information at


3.    You will be emailed up to four times/year by the IANA with information to be distributed to your CRNA group

  • Emails will come from “CRNA Illinois” with the subject line “Information for Dissemination"
  • Please add our email address ( to your list of contacts, so that our mail does not go to your spam folder.
  • Note: many employers have personnel policies that prohibit use of workplace time, spaces (i.e. bulletin boards), and/or server or email accounts for non-business communications
    • Please distribute the POC newsletter to your CRNA colleagues by way of personal email addresses, on your personal time.  Please do not post the newsletter at your workplace. 


4.     Please send any CRNA feedback: local concerns, questions, suggestions to the POC Committee at


5.     You may resign your position as POC at any time and we will gladly thank you for the time and effort you gave to your profession.

  • Please notify us at
  • It would be helpful to the POC Committee if you would suggest an alternative POC from your CRNA group


Thank you for your participation.