Jake Turner, BSN, RN, SRNA
Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
Graduation Date: May, 2019

Honors and Volunteering

  • CRNA Student Class Representative
  • Student Wellness Representative
  • Nursing DNP Graduate Student Representative
  • Student Mentorship Program
  • Volunteer with Fresh Start St. Louis

Why I chose to become a CRNA

I chose to become a CRNA because I love the advanced skills, flexibility, and increased pay with the career. I like the focus of having one patient at a time, and love taking care of people!

A Little Bit About my Anesthesia Program

My program has a comprehensive interview process with mini multiple groups that allow the faculty to spend more time with the applicants. Evidence based practice has shown that emotional intelligence is the best indicator of success in a CRNA program, and our program is using that knowledge to change their application process. The first year is didactic, and then leads into clinical 4 days a week. Time demands can be intense, but are very manageable. Helpful study resources include using StudyBlue.com for notecards, drnajeeblectures.com, and Youtube videos for anatomy and nerve block videos.


A little about myself

I come from a small town in Illinois called Brimfield. I have lots of hobbies including motocross, cooking, playing guitar, and exercising!

Advice for Those Interested in Becoming a CRNA 

Job shadow with a CRNA to see if you would be interested. I found that CRNAs seem to love their jobs and have a vast amount of knowledge about anesthesia.


What is a CRNA? 

The majority of the time, a CRNA is what the public thinks an anesthesiologist is, This is not true. We are the providers, 75% of the time, that put you to sleep for surgery or does spinals and epidurals for obstetrics patients.